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North Bergen Junior High School Opening Delayed Again to September 2025



NORTH BERGEN, NJ – The opening of the new North Bergen Junior High School Campus has been postponed once more, now set for September 2025. This follows a previous delay announced last year, which had pushed the opening to September 2024.

In June 2023, the North Bergen Board of Education cited supply chain complications and the loss of a key construction manager as reasons for the initial postponement. These issues had affected the availability of essential materials and led to a reshuffling of project personnel, impacting the timeline of the school’s construction, which began in March 2022.

The latest delay, as announced by the Board, is due to the ongoing major infrastructure and flood mitigation projects crucial for the safety of the school’s future students and staff.

“The safety and health of our students, faculty and administrators must always come first, and after much deliberation we have concluded that the most responsible choice we can make is to delay the opening of the Junior High School until these critical flood mitigation projects are completed,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. George Solter. “Construction of the new school continues to advance, but with major construction happening so close to the campus we feel that it would not be safe to bring students into that environment until the work is substantially completed. We look forward to sharing more updates about the school in the coming year and to the full realization of our School Realignment Plan next September.” 

The opening of this junior high school is a significant part of the North Bergen School Realignment Plan, which aims to reduce class sizes and improve educational facilities across the district. The plan includes moving 7th and 8th grade students to the new junior high school and relocating 9th grade students to North Bergen High School.