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Meet The Team

James de los Santos


Our founder has come a long way from being North Bergen High’s former Paw Prints Editor-and-Chief. A compassionate community advocate with a healthy sense of humor.

Eric ‘OneDay’ Saldarriaga

Head of Music

A producer & DJ out of North Bergen’s Cinderella Man Studios. With a blend of industry savvy from his time at The Source and Def Jam, Eric is keeping the local scene lit. As the Executive Producer of the ‘One Mic in the Hudson‘ series, he’s the man ensuring a thriving platform for local artists.



North Bergen native with the gift of making people laugh. We can’t post his government name because he may have outstanding warrants.

Dyana Carvajal


A graphic designer from Jersey City who has a unique style showcasing her quirky personality. As a perfectionist, her goal is to capture the details that are often overlooked and add a touch of distinctiveness to the presentation of her artwork.

Jason Nunez


Our go-to guy for trying new and exciting adventures all over Hudson County. Whether it’s kayaking on “Matcha Lake” or exploring the most haunted tunnel in the tri-state, Jason is the first to volunteer.

Pedro Garcia


Pedro Garcia is a stand-up comedian from Hudson County, the co-star, and producer of the HudPost Talk podcast. A regular at Dojo Comedy East and a frequent feature on Compound Media, he’s also the co-host of Diablo Radio. He’s likely the reason HudPost will get canceled—but hey, it’s been a fun ride.

Joseph Alexander Cruz


A photographer and North Bergen native with a strong passion for storytelling and capturing the authenticities of life through his lens. Or he’s just a pretentious nerd, we can’t decide.

Fernando Valencia & Martha Aguilar


A dynamic power couple set to find the best date night spots in the county. From local favorite spots to less-known hidden treasures, Martha and Fernando experience it all. Each episode of Love in the Hudson is a testament to their shared love for each other and Hudson County.

Hudson Chef


Our locally-sourced food critic and Executive Chef, Gus, has a knack for both food history and flavor profiles. When he’s not appearing on the Food Network’s Chopped, Gus is busy eating the best Hudson County has to offer.