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According to the founder of HudPost, there was a gap in local media coverage that needed to be filled. Out of all of the existing platforms, there were none that both authentically poured into and drew from the community. The disconnect was clear, and in 2016, HudPost was born. From the beginning, HudPost has been an online publication that curates, creates, and celebrates content relevant and native to the people of Hudson County, New Jersey. With this focus, we are driven to consistently engage our audience in a conversation that is more relevant to their lives than other news sources.In an effort to uplift and mobilize the community, HudPost is committed to spotlighting local businesses and community organizations. The staff works to the best of their ability each day to showcase what makes Hudson County truly one-of-a-kind. Ultimately, HudPost provides education, spreads awareness, and fosters community for all Hudson County citizens. In return, they share their stories.

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