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Two Manny’s Auto Honored by Union City



On September 15, 2023, Union City, along with members of its board of commissioners, presented Two Manny’s Auto Sales with a brand-new address. 14th Street between Kennedy Boulevard and Summit Avenue will now be known as Two Manny’s Auto Sales Way. This change is further proof that years of hard work do not go unrecognized here in Union City.

I was personally invited to attend the event by none other than Alex Suvino, who many of you readers might remember as the founder and owner of East West. As it turns out, Alex’s father, Manny, started Two Manny’s many decades ago. Originally operating out of Bergen County, it eventually moved to its present location in 1974.

The patriarch Suvino — born in 1920 — ran Two Manny’s until his passing in 2007. The business is now run by Manny Suvino’s son-in-law, Eddie Brioso, and Eddie’s son, also named Eddie Brioso. My first thought upon learning this was, “Why isn’t it called Two Eddies?” but I digress. The years of Manny’s devotion to his business are interwoven with the dealership’s legacy.

A legacy that persists strongly to this day. At the actual ceremony, there were a myriad of people from every affiliation attending. From family and friends to customers and fellow residents alike, it was a sizable gathering with an outdoor buffet and cake ready to be shared over stories of the nearly fifty years spent serving the community.

Over the boom of a microphone, commissioners Celin Valdivia and Wendy Grullon formally declared the renaming of 14th Street to a crowd of delighted family and friends. The tarp covering the sign was pulled down triumphantly by the two Eddies, and revealed beneath it was the fruits of their labor, spanning an incredible five decades. All of it, immortalized right next to the place where it all started.

A day to remember for the Suvino/Brioso family and one that the locals will never have to forget.