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Hudson County Rallies Behind Saint Peter’s Peacocks as They Return to NCAA Tournament



Jersey City and the broader Hudson County are buzzing with excitement as the Saint Peter’s Peacocks make a triumphant return to the NCAA tournament, reigniting the fervor and pride that swept through the community during their incredible 2022 run.

The Peacocks’ journey back to the tournament stage brings back memories of HudPost’s extensive coverage, which captured the hearts of many, including some viral moments that showcased the team’s spirit and camaraderie.

Remember when we asked the team which was scarier: Facing off against Purdue or crossing Kennedy Blvd? That light-hearted moment brought smiles and laughter, highlighting the team’s playful side amidst the tournament’s intensity.

And who could forget when we asked former Saint Peter’s junior guard Doug Edert about his ‘Kobe-esque’ moment.

As excitement builds, fans won’t want to miss a moment of the action. Catch the Saint Peter’s Peacocks (15) as they face off against the Tennessee Volunteers (2). This thrilling matchup is set for today at 8:20 PM. You can watch it live by following this link: Watch Saint Peter’s vs. Tennessee Live.