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Guttenberg Man’s Provocative Act to Highlight Alleged Local Drug Trafficking Leads to Arrest



GUTTENBERG, NJ – On February 20, 2024, the streets of Guttenberg were the stage for a controversial demonstration by 37-year-old Andrew B. Brand. His actions, which took place at the intersection of 68th Street and Broadway near a local school at dismissal time, led to a series of complaints and ultimately his arrest.

Brand was seen dispersing a white powdery substance, believed to be flour, into the air and onto the roadway, while also applying it to his face, simulating cocaine use. The centerpiece of his display was a sign stating “Cocaine Sold Here 19 Arrests 7 Months,” used in tandem with the powder to mimic drug use.

Initially deemed a public disturbance, Brand’s act has since been interpreted by some community members as a stark statement on alleged drug trafficking issues in Guttenberg. The Guttenberg Police Department responded to additional calls and, after reviewing CCTV footage, apprehended Brand. He now faces charges for disorderly conduct [2C:33-2A] and possession of an imitation controlled dangerous substance [2C:35-11B].

This incident has ignited a community debate. Some view Brand’s actions as a necessary spotlight on a critical local issue, while others criticize it as a thoughtless act that caused undue alarm, especially among parents and school officials.

Following his arrest, Brand was transported to Hoboken University Medical Center for a medical evaluation.