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Credit Card Skimmer Found at Bayonne’s Dollar Tree



On the afternoon of Saturday, March 16, 2024, a routine shopping trip turned into a concerning discovery for Joshua, a resident of Jersey City. While making a purchase at the Dollar Tree located at 153 Avenue A in Bayonne, Joshua encountered an unexpected issue at the checkout counter.

“The buttons were hard to press, and it didn’t feel right,” Joshua recalled. His suspicions grew when he noticed the credit card reader’s left-hand corner peeling away. “I gave it a tug, and it came right off, wires going through it and everything. The employees just stayed quiet and didn’t say anything.” This alarming situation prompted Joshua to contact the Bayonne Police Department immediately.

The Bayonne PD confirmed the incident but declined to provide a detailed police report. Attempts to reach the manager of the Dollar Tree store or any corporate representatives for comment were unsuccessful.

This incident shines a spotlight on the use of credit card skimmers, a prevalent form of financial fraud. Credit card skimmers are illicit devices attached to legitimate payment terminals to stealthily capture data from swiped or inserted cards. These devices can be difficult to spot, blending in with the original equipment, as Joshua’s experience starkly demonstrates. Skimmers often store or transmit the stolen data, allowing criminals to clone cards or make unauthorized purchases.

For shoppers, the presence of skimmers is a serious risk, underscoring the need for vigilance. Experts recommend closely inspecting card readers before use, looking for any signs of tampering or unfamiliar attachments, and preferring chip-based transactions over swiping when possible.