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Congressman Sires Refutes Assemblywoman Jimenez’s Allegations, Claims Incident Misrepresented



In response to allegations made by New Jersey Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez regarding the harassment and injury of her 78-year-old mother, her opponents, the Sires Team for WNY, have released a statement claiming that Jimenez’s account of the incident is false. They provide a different version of the events, asserting that no harassment took place and that the situation was misrepresented.

According to the Sires Team for WNY, Jimenez’s mother was parked within 100 feet of a polling site with political signs taped to her car, which is a violation. They claim that Jimenez’s mother refused to move when asked by a Column B challenger and a County Election Board Monitor.

“There was no banging on her window,” says the statement.

The statement continues, explaining that when Jimenez’s mother decided to move her car, she hit another vehicle belonging to a County Master Poll worker. When she tried to leave the scene, she was asked to stop and wait for the police. After stopping, she got out of her vehicle, tripped over a manhole cover, and fell. The Sires Team for WNY team claims that their volunteers immediately assisted her, while members of Jimenez’s Column A team, who were nearby, did not offer help.

The Sires Team for WNY team states that the only violation of democracy in this situation was Jimenez’s mother being improperly parked with political signs on her car within 100 feet of a polling site.

“The only violation of any state of democracy was that candidate Jimenez’s mother was improperly parked with her daughter’s political signs on her car within 100 feet of a polling site,” the Sires team asserts.

They argue that Assemblywoman Jimenez should be concerned with her team’s behavior and their failure to assist her mother during the incident.

“The Assemblywoman should be concerned with her team’s behavior,” says a statement from the Sires Team for WNY. “Which is failing the election process, and that none of her team members assisted her mother.”

The differing accounts of the situation raise questions about the conduct of both political teams during the election process.

“Telling the truth is the only way to protect democracy,” reads the Sires team statement.