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NJ Assemblywoman’s Mother Allegedly Harassed and Injured in West New York; Questions State of Democracy



In a recent incident, New Jersey Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez’s 78-year-old mother was allegedly harassed and injured by members of an opposing political team in West New York, NJ. Jimenez has since raised concerns over the state of democracy and questioned the actions of her colleagues.

According to Jimenez’s statement, her mother was sitting in her car 100 feet away from a voting area when members of a team running against her own, under Albio Sires, began banging on her car window. In an attempt to escape the situation, her mother accidentally scratched another vehicle, then fell and injured herself in the street after getting out of the car. An ambulance was dispatched and a police report was filed.

“My mom was driving and sitting in her car 100 feet away from the voting area but next to our opposition which is the team running under Albio Sires,” writes Assemblywoman Jiminiez. “The Sires people were banging on her car window, she tried to move her car and scratched the car in front of her (a board worker that also scared her) she got out of her car (she had no cell phone) out of fear of personal injury. She fell in the middle of the street and injured herself.”

Assemblywoman Jimenez expressed her dismay at the situation, addressing both her Democratic and Republican colleagues, including Governor Murphy, questioning if this behavior is what they defend. She also noted that she has been an active supporter of Governor Murphy’s platform in Spanish media.

“I was told by Hudson County officials that it’s ok behavior and this is Hudson County,” express the Assemblywoman. “To all my Democratic and Republican colleagues, including Gov Murphy ( that by the way I am the one that defends your platform in Spanish media) is this what you all defend! Is this what my parents left a communist country for?”

The incident occurred during early voting, which Jimenez pointed out was something the Sires team wanted.

“This was early voting,” writes Jimenez. “Something that the Sires team wanted…”

In her statement, Assemblywoman Jimenez asked if this is the new normal and whether such behavior is acceptable in Hudson County, as she was told by officials. The incident raises questions about the state of democracy, the treatment of senior citizens, and the proper conduct during election season.

“Is this the new normal? Is this acceptable behavior? Is this normal in Hudson County?”