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West New York Campaign Aims to Help Feral Cats with TNR Program



Residents of West New York are urged to support a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program for feral cats. The TNR petition, led by local resident Ashley Castillo, involves the following:

  • Trapping stray cats.
  • Getting them spayed or neutered, vaccinated.
  • Returning them to their colony to live their lives.

The campaign has so far gathered 861 signatures, falling just short of its 1,000 signature goal. Castillo plans to meet with one of the commissioners of West New York to discuss the issue and hopes that if the petition reaches its goal in support of TNR, the board of commissioners will adopt the program.

Castillo believes that implementing a TNR program in West New York would have numerous benefits, including reducing the number of stray cats, improving public health, and saving taxpayer dollars by reducing the need for costly animal control services.

“Not only could a successful TNR campaign in West New York serve as a model for other towns to follow,” says Catillo. “But it could also have a ripple effect on the well-being of animals in neighboring communities.”

“I have a feral colony I have been caring for many years in my yard,” says petition signer Michele Bill. “I can not afford it on my own.”