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North Bergen Embraces Sustainability with First All-Electric Street Vacuum



NORTH BERGEN, NJ – The North Bergen Department of Public Works (DPW) has announced the acquisition of the township’s first all-electric street vacuum, marking a significant step towards environmental responsibility. This addition will enhance cleanliness along key commercial corridors like Bergenline Avenue and Broadway while reducing carbon emissions.

North Bergen DPW Commissioner, Anthony Vainieri Jr., underlines the department’s commitment to environmental sustainability. He said, “This new piece of equipment aligns with North Bergen’s dedication to cleanliness. As I assume my role as DPW Commissioner, I am eager to continue the good work of my predecessor, Frank Gargiulo.”

The all-electric street vacuum operates silently and without exhaust fumes, symbolizing a leap in waste management technology and a sustainable approach to maintaining public spaces. While traditional street sweeping operations will continue, this innovative technology showcases the DPW’s commitment to fighting climate change and improving community air quality.

North Bergen Mayor, Nick Sacco, praised the initiative, “This equipment will improve our cleaning abilities, covering both main and smaller streets, which our larger sweepers can’t accommodate. I commend Commissioner Vainieri for this initiative.”

The township plans to expand its fleet of eco-friendly vehicles and equipment, thus striving for a cleaner, more sustainable future for its residents.