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New York City Sues West New York for Copyright Infringement



West New York, NJ – In a surprising turn of events, New York City is reportedly suing West New York for copyright infringement. According to sources close to the case, NYC officials claim that West New York’s name and logo too closely resemble their own.

“It’s a clear case of infringement,” said a spokesperson for the city. “We’ve been getting calls from confused tourists who think they’re in New York City when they’re really in West New York. It’s causing a lot of confusion and we can’t have that.”

The lawsuit has caused quite a stir in the small town of West New York, with many residents expressing shock and disbelief. However, some local politicians have taken the opportunity to suggest alternative names for the town.

Former mayor Albio Sires has proposed the name “Albio City,” in honor of himself. “I think it has a nice ring to it,” he said. “Plus, it would be a great way to honor my contributions to this town.”

Legal experts are divided on the outcome of the lawsuit. “It’s definitely an interesting case,” said one expert who wished to remain anonymous. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the court ruled in favor of New York City.”

When asked for comment on the situation, a spokesperson for HudPost, a local news blog, said: “We had no idea this was going on! We thought it was just a harmless April Fools joke. I am surprised HudPost hasn’t been sued for writing such believable April Fools article like this one…”