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Love in the Hudson: Episode 1



Love in the Hudson: A Journey of Art, Food, and Love

Welcome to the first episode of “Love in the Hudson,” a delightful series hosted by Martha Elizabeth and her boyfriend, Fernando Valencia. The series, presented by HudPost, takes viewers through Hudson County, exploring local businesses, activities, and eateries. In this episode, the couple visits Tipsy Tie-Dye in Hoboken and Trattoria La Sorrentina in North Bergen.

Tipsy Tie-Dye: A Splash of Color and Fun

As the name suggests, Tipsy Tie-Dye is a unique establishment where visitors can enjoy the art of tie-dye while sipping on their favorite beverages. The place offers a variety of items to tie dye, including socks, baby clothes, shorts, joggers, long sleeves, short sleeves, and hoodies. It’s a BYOB venue, making it a fun and creative outing for adults. However, it’s not just for grown-ups; Tipsy Tie-Dye also offers activities for all ages.

Martha and Fernando start their visit with some Breezy wine and a tutorial from Kevin, who guides them in creating their desired designs. 

Martha ends up tie-dying a towel, while Fernando chooses joggers.

Trattoria La Sorrentina: Authentic Italian Cuisine

After their artistic adventure, the couple heads to Trattoria La Sorrentina in North Bergen. Nestled on the corner of 79th Street, this restaurant offers authentic Italian food. 

A trattoria is a small, family-run business known for its traditional dishes passed down through generations.

Martha and Fernando start their meal with Lambrusco and Bruisine wine, followed by LA Capris and Fritura de Calamari. According to Martha, the pizza they order is the best she’s ever had. Fernando opts for spaghetti, while Martha chooses the Lasagna Napolitana. They round off their meal with homemade tiramisu and cappuccinos.

Vico Gelato and Cafe: A Sweet Ending

The culinary journey doesn’t end at Trattoria La Sorrentina. The couple crosses the Street to visit Vico Gelato and Cafe, the sister company of the trattoria. They indulge in strawberry and Nutella gelato, a sweet ending to their day of exploration.

“Love in the Hudson” offers viewers a glimpse into the vibrant and diverse offerings of the Hudson area. From the creative fun at Tipsy Tie-Dye to the authentic Italian cuisine at Trattoria La Sorrentina and the sweet treats at Vico Gelato and Cafe, Martha and Fernando’s journey is a testament to the rich cultural and culinary landscape of the Hudson. Their adventures invite viewers to explore and support local businesses in the Hudson County area.