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Jersey City Skeeters



The Jersey City Skeeters, our very own local baseball team, have a storied history that many residents of Hudson County might not be aware of.

The Skeeters were formed back in the 1860s and joined the National Association of Base Ball Players by 1870, making them one of the earliest baseball teams in New Jersey.

They found themselves participating in various leagues and displayed a remarkable resilience and adaptability to change. They were part of the Eastern League in 1885 and joined other leagues over the years, proving their sporting mettle each time.

But did you know that in 1903, the Jersey City Skeeters made a remarkable achievement in baseball history? Under the leadership of player-manager Billy Murray, the team won their first 18 games and went on to have a run of 25 consecutive victories! They concluded the season with a stunning record of 92–33, securing the league title and earning a spot as one of the 100 greatest minor league teams of all time.

Despite facing financial difficulties and even forfeiting their franchise to the International League in 1915, the Skeeters bounced back and joined the newly formed International League after World War I. They retained their unique name ‘Skeeters’, a term affectionately given due to the ubiquitous mosquitos in the New Jersey swamps.

However, the Great Depression took its toll, and in 1933, the Skeeters franchise had to move to Syracuse, New York.