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6 Alarm Fire in Jersey City



Firefighters in Jersey City responded to a three-alarm brush fire that quickly escalated and extended into a warehouse located at 1 Cavenpoint Ave. The blaze, which started as a brush fire, quickly spread and threatened the light rail catenary wires. As a precautionary measure, firefighters requested the power to be shut down in the area.

The situation at the scene was quickly escalating, and firefighters were struggling to contain the fire. The incident commander on the scene reported that the fire had extended into the warehouse, where paper recycling was stored, and that heavy smoke and flames were visible from the building. The commander requested that the Fire Department Connection (FDC) be charged for the sprinkler system.

With the fire continuing to grow and spread, a special call was made for LT6, and a fourth alarm was transmitted. However, despite the best efforts of firefighters, the blaze continued to spread, and a fifth alarm was transmitted for Jersey City.

The situation was becoming dire, and additional resources were required. A sixth alarm was transmitted, and the Bayonne Fire Department was called in to assist with the firefighting efforts. Firefighters from both departments are working tirelessly to bring the fire under control.

At the time of this article there have been no reports of injuries.