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Tragic Fall from Fifth-Floor Window Involves Son of Hip-Hop Star Flo Rida in Hudson County



In a tragic incident that occurred in Jersey City, New Jersey, a six-year-old child suffered severe injuries after falling out of a fifth-floor window. The child is the son of popular hip-hop artist Tramar Lacel Dillard, better known as Flo Rida. The incident occurred on March 4, 2023, at an apartment where the child was staying.

According to reports, the child suffered multiple injuries, including a shattered pelvis, left metatarsal fractures, Grade 3 liver laceration, internal bleeding, and collapsed lungs. The child is currently receiving treatment in the Intensive Care Unit to recover from the injuries.

Steven P. Haddad, a personal injury attorney with decades of experience, has taken on the case to fight for justice for the child and his family. Speaking about the case, Haddad said, “This is a tragic incident, and we are committed to ensuring that justice is served, and the child and his family receive the compensation and support they deserve.”