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Opinion: Mayor Fulop Please Help Councilwoman Degise Resign-Immediately



The following article was submitted by Former Jersey City Ward B Councilman.

The cyclist, Andy S. Black, could have been killed and this hit-and-run needs to be taken seriously. While the Hudson County political establishment says that things have to play out In court and tries to blame this whole incident on Andy, please remember one thing, Andy may have committed a traffic violation, but leaving the scene is a crime. 

Concerned residents of Jersey City still need the truth about what happened after Councilwoman DeGise hit Mr. Black. 

Who called who first about the hit-and-run (The JCPD or the Councilwoman?) 

Who did the councilwoman speak to before talking with the police? 

After the councilwoman left the scene, what time did the councilwoman contact the police and who advised her to do so? 

Why was the councilwoman issued summons and not arrested for leaving the scene? 

Why wasn’t she asked the morning of the incident to submit to an alcohol or even a drug test, if it was deemed necessary?

Mayor Fulop agrees that Councilwoman DeGise should have stayed on the scene and because of Hudson County politics and political friendships, the mayor, and the majority of the city council will not ask for Councilwoman DeGise to resign. Councilman Solomon said it best, “While she should have her day in court, it should be as a private citizen.” Councilwoman DeGise will be forgiven, but she can’t be an effective legislator knowing that she violated the public trust.

I know Mayor Fulop is considering the following things:

1. Councilwoman DeGise resigns before September 1st; special election in November 2022.

2. Councilwoman Amy DeGise resigns after September 1st, and City Council appoints someone to serve until a special election in November 2023. (Election will be mixed with highly contested State and County races)

3. Councilwoman Amy DeGise does not resign and this follows the mayor like a plague as he tries to run for Governor in 2025.

Mayor Fulop preparing for special council elections in either 2022 or 2023 before running for governor would be a challenge, not for the lack of money, but the inconvenience. 

Even though there seems to be unity within the Hudson County Democratic Organization, Democratic gubernatorial candidates from all over New Jersey will either capitalize on or play a role in weakening the mayor in his home base of Jersey City and Hudson County. Republican candidates for Governor throughout the state will reflect on the fact that the former head of the Hudson County Democratic Party was allowed stay in office after possibly killing someone, and leaving the scene to report to work.

If Mayor Fulop does not handle this situation properly, this will hurt him. The mayor can survive without Amy DeGise, but his political aspirations will be challenged if he does not take leadership and ask his political friend to resign.

Chris Gadsden

Chris Gadsden, Former Jersey City Ward B Councilman