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NHRFR Exec. Director & Deputy Director of DPW Involved in Accident



Michael DeOrio, the Executive Director of North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue, Deputy Director of the North Bergen Department of Public Works, and an alternate board member on the North Bergen Department of Public Affairs’ Board of Adjustments, was recently involved in a traffic incident.

On June 18th, DeOrio, driving a vehicle, was in an accident with a cyclist identified as Jesse Garcia-Mercado of Jersey City. Video footage of the aftermath has been obtained, showing that the sirens and lights on DeOrio’s vehicle were on, although the actual collision was not captured. According to the police, traffic camera footage of the incident does not exist.

According to a North Bergen spokesperson, Garcia-Mercado ran the green light, coming in “pretty fast,” and DeOrio “stopped and made sure the cyclist was okay.”

Incident Details from Police Report

The police report provides further details on the incident. Garcia-Mercado did not provide a statement at the scene and was transported to CMC with complaints of pain in his left shoulder, left hip, and back. The motorized bike, which was 750 watts and unregistered, was towed.

DeOrio, whose address is listed in Weehawken, stated he was turning right onto Tonnelle Ave Northbound from 61st Street with a green traffic signal. As he pulled out, Garcia-Mercado struck the front quarter panel/bumper of his vehicle and fell. DeOrio immediately parked, checked on Garcia-Mercado, removed the motorized bike from him, and then activated his emergency lights.

Witness Reine Duate provided video evidence corroborating that Garcia-Mercado failed to stop for a red light and was not wearing a helmet. Garcia-Mercado continued through the intersection, resulting in the collision. The North Bergen CCTV camera did not capture the incident, but the witness video did, supporting the account provided by DeOrio.

Correction and Apology

In a previous version of this article, it was incorrectly reported that Michael DeOrio was involved in an accident on May 2nd at 91st Street and Bergenline Avenue. This information was incorrect, and DeOrio was not involved in that incident. We apologize for the error and any confusion it may have caused.