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Fulop Doubts McGreevey’s Chances in Jersey City Mayoral Election



In a pointed statement on X (formerly Twitter), Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, who previously announced he would not seek re-election in a video posted in April has expressed skepticism about former Governor Jim McGreevey’s prospects in the upcoming mayoral race. Fulop’s remarks came in the wake of a CNN special called United States of Scandal with Jake Tapper that revisited McGreevey’s tumultuous tenure as governor.

The mayor tweeted: “I watched last night the CNN special called American Scandal on former Governor McGreevey. Not good. People ask me often how the race for mayor of Jersey City will go + I often tell two things I’m certain about 1) I will not be on the ballot for mayor 2) McGreevey’s path to win mayor is very narrow/unlikely as it stands today due to his campaign being controlled by non Jersey City – more on this soon – could change but that is the situation.”

Reacting to Mayor Fulop’s tweet, McGreevey, evidently disappointed yet unsurprised, shifted the dialogue to his campaign’s priorities: “Although disappointed in the mayor’s comments, I don’t disagree with his assessment of the CNN profile. Rather than focus upon my mistakes from 20 years ago, I am more concerned with fixing the finances, education, & quality of life for the people of Jersey City.”

The unfolding political narrative in Jersey City is becoming increasingly complex with the emergence of other strong contenders for the mayor’s office. Notable candidates include Hudson County Commissioner Bill O’Dea, Jersey City Council President Joyce Watterman, and Mussab Ali, the former president of the Jersey City Board of Education and a former Harvard Law School president.

With Mayor Fulop stepping away from the mayoral race and eyeing a higher office in New Jersey, his candid assessment of McGreevey’s campaign signals a contentious race ahead.