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Reports: Open Cardboard Boxes Being Used to “Securely” Hold Ballots in North Bergen

North Bergen, NJ- “In North Bergen, NJ voters are instructed after voting to leave the ballots in an open regular cardboard box on the floor,” tweets @BlueLight2373.

Voters around North Bergen, NJ are speaking out on what they believe is a voting anomaly.

“Ballots are being put in an envelope then thrown in some box on the floor,” says Vick, a North Bergen resident. “Plus, you got to put whether you are republican or democrat on the outside of the envelope.”

“Ballots are supposed to placed in a secure bag provided by the Board of Elections,” says a representative of the Deputy Superintendent of Elections. “We will be sending a Master board worker to investigate.”

If you or someone you know has witnessed suspicious practices in your polling location please contact HudPost (@hudpost).

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