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North Bergen Police Department Investigating Alleged Street Fight on 91st Street and Grand Ave.

NORTH BERGEN, NJ – On Sunday, July 26, 2020, at 1:05 AM, North Bergen Police Officers responded to the area of 91st Street and Grand Avenue on a reported fight in the street.  The victims reported to be leaving a party from a residence on 91st Street and Columbia Avenue.  The victim reported when he left the party, he was met by multiple people on 91st and Grand Avenue that were also at the party.  The victim additionally reported seeing the suspects holding baseball bats and a tire iron.  The total number of people involved has not been determined but estimated a group of 20 people at the party. 

Officers conducted interviews with people on scene.  Evidence recovered from the scene was a baseball bat and a tire iron.  No video has been recovered, however, North Bergen Police Detectives are diligently canvassing the area for video evidence.

Two males sustained injuries to the back of their head claiming to be struck by a baseball bat.  One of them was taken to the hospital by EMS and the other transported by a family member.  Both were released from the hospital.  

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