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Union City Artist Teewhy G Brings Hip Hop to Rowan University



In a fusion of academic and cultural celebration, Teewhy G, a notable hip hop artist from Union City, recently swapped a stage for a lecture hall at Rowan University. He was invited to discuss the nuances of hip hop, specifically focusing on “Battle Rap & Mixtapes.” This event, spearheaded by Professor Jonathan Wigfall, who teaches “Hip Hop Culture: Music, Fashion Politics,” highlighted the increasing recognition of hip hop as a serious academic subject.

Professor Wigfall, an advocate for integrating real-world experiences into classroom discussions, chose TeeWhy for his extensive background in the competitive world of battle rap. “Teewhy provided our students with a firsthand account of how hip hop has opened various doors for him and highlighted the competitiveness of the genre,” said Wigfall. His lecture delved into how hip hop, once considered a transient subculture, has evolved into a mainstream force offering significant career opportunities and cultural influence.

During the open forum, Teewhy G, alongside guest speaker Mike Voss, discussed the current dynamics in the hip hop industry.

This event is part of a broader initiative at Rowan University to incorporate diverse cultural perspectives into its curriculum. “Our goal is to expose students to various cultures like hip hop, which is omnipresent in today’s society,” Wigfall noted. He confirmed that the university plans to continue hosting such events every semester, enriching students’ college experience with a variety of cultural insights.

Teewhy G joins a roster of influential Hudson County artists like 070 Shake, Joe Budden, Albee Al, and Akon, who have also made substantial marks in the music industry. These artists underscore Hudson County’s emerging prominence in the hip hop world, bridging local culture with global movements.