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The Lost Cities of Hudson County



From Van Vorst to Union Hill, these municipalities played a vital role in shaping the county’s history. Let’s take a look at these lost towns and the stories behind them.

Hudson City

A Forgotten Neighborhood That Lives On in The Heights

Hudson City was once a thriving municipality in Hudson County, existing from 1855 to 1870. Today, it’s known as The Heights section of Jersey City. Hudson City was formed from portions of North Bergen Township and Hudson Town and was annexed by Jersey City in 1870. Despite no longer being a separate municipality, Hudson City’s legacy lives on in The Heights. The Post Office still bears the name of Hudson City. 

Van Vorst

Once a Thriving Township, Now a Jersey City Neighborhood

In the mid-19th century, Van Vorst was a bustling township located on the Hudson River, just across from Manhattan. It existed from 1841 to 1851, before being annexed by Jersey City. Today, Van Vorst is a neighborhood in Jersey City that holds a rich history. 

West Hoboken

 A Municipality That Faded into History

West Hoboken was incorporated as a township by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on February 28, 1861, from portions of North Bergen Township. The township was reincorporated several times and became a town in 1884. Portions of the township were ceded to Weehawken in 1879. On June 1, 1925, West Hoboken merged with Union Hill to form Union City.

Union Hill

A Township That Ceased to Exist

Union Hill was a township that existed in Hudson County from 1861 to 1925 before merging with West Hoboken to form Union City. Despite being colloquially known as Union Hill, the township was officially called Union City Township.