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Pedestrian Fatality Marks Second Accident on Tonnelle Avenue in North Bergen This Week



A pedestrian was fatally struck in an accident on 75th Street and Tonnelle Avenue in North Bergen on May 8th, 2023, around 12:30 am. This marks the second fatal incident on Tonnelle Avenue within a week, raising concerns for the safety of the area.

Previously, on May 5th, a hit-and-run accident claimed the life of a motorcyclist on Tonnelle Avenue.

As of now, neither the North Bergen Police Department (NBPD) nor the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office have released a statement regarding the May 8th accident. Additionally, the Mayor of North Bergen has not acknowledged the incident publicly.

The occurrence of two fatal accidents within a week has raised questions about the safety measures and traffic enforcement along Tonnelle Avenue. Residents and commuters alike will be looking to local authorities for answers and solutions to improve safety in the area.