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How Has Hudson County Been Returning to a Normal Summer?



Covid-19 had placed so many restrictions in the past few years that many Hudson County residents have not been able to have a normal summer.

What a normal summer in Hudson County consists of would be either going out to a one of many county parks, dining out in many outdoor seating restaurants with the view of NYC, playing basketball or soccer on the courts or fields.

Since Governor Murphy’s announcement of lifting mask restrictions, you have seen many people walking around without them, which resembles a time before covid had ever started. Residents have been excited about this.

“Having a mask was something that was weird.” said Roberto Garza, a resident of Guttenberg, “It feels nice to walk around around without a mask for once.”

Many Hudson County residents are now able to have large gathering events without restricting how many people can attend as the law was restricting how many people can be in indoor and outdoor settings. County residents have been happy about this outcome.

“It has been a weird few summers.” said William Gonzalez, a native of North Bergen, ” This summer is probably the most normal summer I have seen in a while.”

The past few years have been extremely underwhelming in Hudson County as many of the population had been exposed to the virus. Many people had been waiting for the chance to go back to normal or somewhat normal. Many events have been coming back such as many movie nights that many Hudson County towns offer and other community activities.

Despite a return to normal, the virus can still be caught at any given moment which is why many should be careful with what they are doing.

As this summer has been seen as a normal summer, many should be looking forward to the many upcoming normal summers ahead as well. In other words, we outside!