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North Bergen’s Colonna Brothers Initiates Nationwide Recall Due to Elevated Lead Levels



Colonna Brothers, Inc., based in North Bergen, NJ, has issued an immediate recall of its Marcum Ground Cinnamon and Supreme Tradition Ground Cinnamon products. The recall, announced on March 6, 2024, is due to the discovery of elevated lead levels in these products, which poses a potential health risk.

The affected products include the 1.5oz Marcum Ground Cinnamon and the 2.25oz Supreme Tradition Ground Cinnamon, distributed through retail stores and mail order across the country. The recall specifically targets products with certain lot codes, indicating heightened concern for consumer safety.

Lead exposure, even at very low levels, can lead to significant health issues. Short-term exposure may not show immediate symptoms, but increased blood lead levels can be a silent harbinger of risk. The dangers are particularly acute for children, who may suffer permanent damage to the central nervous system, resulting in learning disorders and developmental defects from prolonged exposure. Adults are not spared, with chronic lead exposure linked to kidney dysfunction, hypertension, and neurocognitive effects.

The recall was initiated as a result of a targeted sampling program by the FDA, which has recently increased scrutiny on cinnamon products. Although Colonna Brothers asserts it has not breached any federal guidelines on lead levels in spices, the voluntary recall underscores a proactive stance towards consumer safety.

Consumers in possession of the recalled cinnamon products are advised to discard them or return them to the purchase location for a full refund. Those concerned about lead exposure should consult their healthcare provider.