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Concrete Dream signs to Suburban Noize Records



Traveling across the country in a four-door Acura with a diet consisting of only fast-food meals has paid off for Concrete Dream. Recently being signed onto Suburban Noize Records, they’ll be sharing their new home with veterans such as the Kottonmouth Kings and Madchild. 

The band wasted no time releasing their new song, “Twitter Fingers.” 

Jeremiah Mayhem (Lead Vocalist) said that the message of this song “is a callout to any troll or person causing problems behind a screen.” He further states: “You have to be dead inside to cause problems on the internet.” For Jeremiah, the digital age has desensitized us as a society through loss of communication and confronting our problems head-on. 

A Hudson County native, Jeremiah grew up in West New York. Still, through our conversation, he gave light to a distant world. You see, things were different back then. This was a time when there was no skate park, the streets were gritty, and you were an outcast for listening to rock music. With his father’s help, Jeremiah and his friends would have to build their own ramps and carry them to the basketball court where the skate park now resides. Eventually, he petitioned for the construction of the skate park. To him, it was a big deal. 

When school wasn’t working out for him, he dedicated all his time to music. Spending his days jamming with future bandmate Juan Bang (drummer) at Eclipse Studios. When the time came, the Concrete Dream came to fruition. Blending distorted anthemic riffs with electronic beats. Calling back to early 2000s nu metal, they cater to everyone’s taste. Jeremiah considers themselves the gateway drug to hip hop and rock.

Concrete Dream is working on their next studio album, It Was All a Dream. The band is working with producer Ricky Armellino (This or the Apocalypse/ Ice Nine Kills) and is set to release this September.

Jeremiah Mayhem leaves us with one final statement: “You’re never too old to live out your dream. You got to be made out of concrete.” 

You can follow them on Instagram @concrete_dream_

Here you can listen to their hard-hitting single “Twitter Fingers.”