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Blame It On Love! New Single Out By Lue Beige



photo by Ciaramisst

It’d be nice to listen to some new music, wouldn’t it? Well, Lue Beige has released a new single so you’re in luck! Following up last year’s Colors of Youth EP, The Love is described as “an interpretation of the sacrifices that we make for the sake of love”, a callback to Audrey Hepburn films where one finds themselves lost in love in the streets of New York you get that melancholic and nostalgic feeling when you close your eyes and immerse yourself within the music. Filled with lush instrumentation, soothing vocals, and horns that give it a euphoric flare, this sentimental track is one worth checking out. Support local artists!

photo by Ciaramisst

The Love is out now on all streaming platforms you can listen to it here.

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