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WNY Forward Team Promises Safer Streets and Stronger Police Support in West New York



West New York, NJ – April 26, 2023 – With the upcoming election on May 9th, the West New York Forward Team, also known as Column A, has outlined their commitment to improving public safety in the town. The team, which includes Commissioner Cosmo A. Cirillo, Ph.D., Commissioner Margarita A. Guzman, Assemblywoman Angelica M. Jimenez, Walter Lopez, and Hiram Gonzalez, aims to strengthen support for the West New York Police Department (WNYPD) and ensure a safer community for all residents.

The candidates have a history of backing the local police force, with both Jimenez and Gonzalez having family members serving in the WNYPD. The West New York Forward Team’s plan involves hiring additional officers to improve crime coverage and investing in better resources and facilities for the department. The team also plans to establish a new police substation, which will help build neighborhood relationships and address local issues.

In addition to reinforcing the police force, Column A has proposed several measures to enhance the overall sense of safety in West New York. The team’s public safety plan includes installing more LED and flood lights throughout the town, as well as security cameras to deter criminal activity. These measures are expected to provide better visibility in dark areas and make residents feel safer while walking the streets at any time.

“Public safety is the basis of any successful community,” said Cirillo. “Angelica and Hiram have family members that are police officers, and we want the WNYPD to know we have their backs. We also want to empower residents to feel confident that they are safe when walking the streets of West New York, day or night. Through our public safety plan, we will see to it that they will.”

The West New York Forward Team is focused on creating a secure environment for residents and ensuring the police department has the necessary tools and resources to effectively serve the community. With their commitment to public safety, Column A hopes to bring about positive change in West New York if elected in the upcoming election.