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Why is HudPost Banned in Canada? The Local Impact of an International Law



In a world where news travels faster than ever, geographical boundaries seem to matter less and less. Yet, for followers of Hudson County’s own HudPost, the Canadian border has suddenly become a significant barrier. Due to Canada’s recent Online News Act, Canadian users on platforms like Facebook and Instagram are finding themselves unable to access social profiles from their favorite sources, including the HudPost.

For many, this might seem like a distant issue, but for Hudson County natives living in Canada, it’s a reminder of the unexpected ways international laws can impact our daily lives. One of our followers, @kms.johan from Montreal, reached out saying, “It was fun while it lasted, HudPost. Much love from Canada. Thanks for keeping me updated on my hometown all the way over here in Montreal.” Such messages underscore the personal connections many have with local news outlets, even when they’re thousands of miles away.

The Online News Act requires tech giants to pay local news outlets fees for showcasing their content. In response, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has begun blocking Canadian users from viewing or posting news links from various sources, including HudPost.

For now, Hudson County’s Canadian fans will need to bookmark directly, bypassing the social media giants to stay connected with their hometown news.