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North Bergen Investigates Jimmy D’s Fundraiser for Children

According to documents obtained by from the North Bergen Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC), Jimmy D’s Blue Saloon’s…



According to documents obtained by from the North Bergen Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC), Jimmy D’s Blue Saloon’s presence was requested at a public meeting, to comply with an “investigation” into “underlying financial arrangements of such promotion and event.” The aforementioned event, “Stand-up for a Cause,” was a fundraiser to buy school uniforms for North Bergen’s students. It was hosted by Jimmy D’s, local artists, and

The summons advises that any statements made in the discussion could be used as “evidence at a possible subsequent disciplinary proceeding.” Although, it did not indicate for which violations Jimmy D’s is being implicated.

When HudPost inquired about the hearing, the ABC’s Attorney, Eric J. Bal, stated, “Jimmy D’s was not charged with any violation.”

The ABC could not produce a transcript of the meeting. Brittany Graziosi, Jimmy D’s former manager, was at the hearing on September 29th. Ms. Graziosi told the board that a HudPost representative claimed to be officially working for the township, under instructions from Jimmy D’s lawyer. That was to serve as the reason she approved the fundraiser. HudPost never claimed to work for the township.

“They [ABC Board] were framing it like it was a political event and I’m like no, it was a comedy show that raised money for uniforms and that’s it,” said Ms. Graziosi, during an interview with HudPost. “Jimmy’s lawyer told them [the ABC Board], you [HudPost] defrauded us. And pretended to be a charity.”

Ms. Graziosi continued: “After the event [HudPost] hosted, the ABC called us into court. They threatened licensing because we allowed [HudPost] to collect money. I had to play really dumb to not get fired. It was all a giant shit show. Jimmy had everyone sign a NDA [Non-disclosure agreement] over it, and said he’d take us up on charges if we discussed it. I never did. But all in all, I was threatened not to respond or have any contact or I’d lose my job.”

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