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Jersey City Man Turns Down $70 Million



Dan Hurley, a Jersey City native and the head coach of the UConn men’s basketball team, has rejected a $70 million offer from the Los Angeles Lakers to remain with the Huskies.

The Lakers, who are in search of a new head coach after parting ways with Darvin Ham, presented Hurley with an eight-year contract worth approximately $70 million. Despite the significant financial incentive and the opportunity to coach in the NBA, Hurley has chosen to continue his tenure at UConn.

Dan Hurley expressed his thoughts on the decision: “I’m committed to UConn and the incredible team we have here. The support from the university and our fans is unmatched, and I’m excited to continue building on our success.”

Hurley’s coaching pedigree runs deep. His father, Bob Hurley Sr., is a legendary figure in Jersey City, having coached St. Anthony High School to numerous state championships and national recognition.