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Tackling Food Insecurity with the Union City Community Garden



Hudson County’s food desert crisis sees a glimmer of hope in the Union City Community Garden. This beacon of sustainability is a testament to community-led action that offers a solution to the lack of fresh and nutritious food in the area.

Hudson County, including Union City, is a food desert, with significant hurdles in accessing healthy food. The scarcity of grocery stores and farmers’ markets results in nearly 20% of residents grappling with food insecurity. Amid these challenging circumstances, Union City Community Garden, nurtured by local advocates Sussy, Stephanie, and Zamora, emerges as an empowering resource.

The garden serves as a tool for the community to grow fresh produce, enriching not only their diet but also their bond with nature. It fills a dire need for healthier food options and cultivates a deeper connection with our environment.

Turning this vision into reality required community collaboration. Sussy, Stephanie, and Zamora rallied support from the community, fostering a collective spirit to establish the garden. Their joint efforts have transformed the garden into a hub for learning, skill development, and shared ownership. The benefits extend beyond fresh produce, enhancing social cohesion, mental well-being, and promoting sustainability.

The Union City Community Garden stands as a powerful response to Hudson County’s food desert issue. It embodies the community’s resolve to tackle food insecurity, bolstering community resilience. This community garden invites us all to participate in this collective action against food insecurity, fostering a nourished and vibrant future.