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Hoboken Police Department Celebrates New Promotions



In a ceremony held at City Hall on April 3, the Hoboken Police Department (HPD) witnessed the promotion of seven of its officers. The event, attended by Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla, Public Safety Director Ken Ferrante, Police Chief Steven Aguiar, as well as families and colleagues of the honorees.

The ceremony was marked by the promotion of Sergeants Ed Sellick, Alex Gonzalez, Luke Zeszotarski, and Josh Velez to the rank of Lieutenant, while Detectives Tyler Soto and Ryan Houghton, along with Police Officer Michael Straten, were elevated to the rank of Sergeant. 

Mayor Bhalla expressed his admiration and gratitude towards the promoted officers, stating, “I congratulate all seven of the honorees today on their well-deserved promotions. I am proud to support, and am eternally grateful for, every single member of the Hoboken Police Department for their ongoing commitment to upholding safety and serving our community.”

Public Safety Director Ferrante and Police Chief Aguiar echoed these sentiments, highlighting the crucial role of the promoted officers in maintaining safety and security within the city. Chief Aguiar praised the officers for their leadership qualities, mentoring abilities, and their exemplary service as role models within the department and the community.

A highlight of the event was the special acknowledgment of Lt. Walter “Wally” Wehrhahn, Ret., who was honored for his five decades of service to Hoboken. Having spent 36 years with HPD and earning five commendations for distinguished performance, Lt. Wehrhahn’s dedication to the city was celebrated as an inspiring example for all officers.