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NJDEP Commissioner Shawn LaTourette’s Democracy Charade: Public Input Meetings or Sham?



In a surprising turn of events, NJDEP Commissioner Shawn LaTourette’s recent actions have raised serious questions about the sincerity of public engagement in the decision-making process regarding Liberty State Park’s (LSP) future. Despite hosting community input meetings, LaTourette’s statements suggest a predetermined outcome, rendering these gatherings mere theater rather than genuine democratic participation.

LaTourette’s assertion that the plans for LSP are already paid for and under construction sends a clear message: public input is merely a formality, with decisions already made behind closed doors. This dismissive attitude towards community voices undermines the very essence of democracy and public accountability.

Furthermore, the close relationship between LaTourette and Sam Pesin, President of Friends of LSP, raises concerns about collusion and undue influence in the decision-making process. Pesin’s outspoken support for the DEP’s plan and criticism of dissenting voices only reinforce the perception that the process is biased and predetermined.

Instead of being a unifying force in contentious debates, LaTourette’s actions only add fuel to the fire. By disregarding genuine concerns and pushing forward with predetermined plans, he risks further polarizing stakeholders and exacerbating tensions within the community.

The fundamental question remains: why bother holding public input meetings if the decisions have already been made? It’s time for Commissioner LaTourette to reevaluate his approach and truly prioritize democratic principles by engaging in meaningful dialogue with all stakeholders, rather than perpetuating a facade of community involvement.

One thing is for certain, we need an NJDEP Commissioner who can stop acting like he’s auditioning for his own talk show.

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