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North Bergen’s Annual Pool Party Goes “Wild West”



NORTH BERGEN, NJ – The Township of North Bergen concluded its summer festivities with its annual pool party on August 23rd.

Attendees were treated to an array of themed activities, ranging from pony rides and a petting zoo to the more adventurous mechanical bull riding. The presence of a bounce house, a trackless train ride, and dynamic dancing robots further enriched the experience.

The musical ambiance was set by Houston Bernard and his band, providing a lively soundtrack with country and rock classics.

The event showcased the vibrant food culture of North Bergen. Esteemed local vendors, such as Tio Rozay’s BBQ and The Corn Guys, offered their culinary specialties. Other notable contributors included Boulevard Diner, Cuomo & Son’s Deli, GP’s Restaurant, Hudson Bread, among others, who generously supported the gathering.

Mayor Nicholas Sacco commented on the event’s significance, emphasizing its role as a unifying community experience. He stated, “Our annual pool party consistently stands out as a pivotal summer event in North Bergen, reflecting our town’s spirit and unity.” Echoing this sentiment, Commissioner Hugo Cabrera remarked on the joy of observing families and neighbors bonding and partaking in communal activities.