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North Bergen Gas Station Among Those Sued over Fuel Tanks

Strict regulations are put in place for gas stations pertaining to their regulation and maintenance of underground gas tanks. The US Government is suing companies that own several gas stations in NY and NJ for failing to meet these requirements, and a North Bergen station is one of them.

The station in question is located at 8012 Tonnelle Avenue in North Bergen. The underground tanks that fuel is stored in had not been managed as they should have been in accordance with the law. From 2012 to 2016, the companies that own the station did not check the tanks for potential leaks, install spill prevention equipment, or provide records for their maintenance and monitoring, the lawsuit states. For this professional negligence, the companies face charges of $16,000 per tank per day that they were in violation of the law. Upon inspection after the lawsuit was put in effect, officials found at least one corroded tank and some tanks that were not properly secured after being closed.

Failing to properly manage these tanks can lead to fuel leaks, which can reach the groundwater, potentially contaminating drinking water sources, as well as causing major environmental harm. However, the government said that there is no immediate threat to drinking water sources.

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