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Injustice and Lack of Empathy: The Firing of Michele Massey by the Jackson Hill Special Improvement District Board



In an egregious act of injustice, the Jackson Hill Special Improvement District (SID) Board has unceremoniously fired Michele Massey, a dedicated advocate for her community and the now former Executive Director of the Jackson Hill SID.

This callous decision comes at a time when Massey is grappling with a severe health crisis, one that has rendered her dependent on others for care. Massey’s dismissal, devoid of compassion and basic human decency, not only leaves her without health insurance but also exposes glaring deficiencies in the board’s ethical and legal obligations.

Michele Massey, who has served Jersey City tirelessly, was unceremoniously terminated from her position without health benefits, despite having served for over 20 years. This move by the Jackson Hill SID Board, which oversees the largest Special Improvement District in the state, is a blatant disregard for employee welfare and seems to potentially violate employer health insurance regulations. Massey’s salary, one of the lowest among Jersey City SID compensations, further underscores the inequity and disregard she faced during her tenure.

A Call for Accountability

The Jersey City Council must now step up and hold the Jackson Hill SID Board accountable. It is imperative that the council demands comprehensive answers regarding the circumstances of Massey’s removal.

The council should also consider withholding funding for the SID until an independent counsel is hired to review the legitimacy and fairness of Massey’s dismissal. Such a review is crucial to ascertain whether Massey’s termination was justified and to ensure that similar injustices do not occur in the future.

Questionable Severance Package

The awarding of a six-month severance package, conspicuously lacking health insurance, is a weak attempt to justify this wrongful termination. It is a slap in the face to Massey’s two decades of dedicated service. The council must scrutinize any increase in the contract salary of a new Executive Director, along with the benefits package, to prevent further exploitation and ensure fair treatment of employees.

Community Impact

The treatment of Michele Massey by the Jackson Hill SID Board is not just a personal affront but a stain on the community’s conscience. It highlights a disturbing trend of employers neglecting their moral and legal responsibilities towards their employees.

The Jersey City Council must act decisively to rectify this wrong and set a precedent for fair and compassionate treatment of all workers, especially those who have devoted their lives to the betterment of their communities.

The Path Forward

The council’s actions or inactions in this matter will speak volumes about their commitment to fairness, compassion, and the well-being of their constituents.